Everest Water Meter Test Bench

Everest Water Meter Test Bench

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A water meter test bench is a piece of equipment used to calibrate and test water meters to ensure accurate measurement of water flow. Water meter test benches are commonly used by water utilities, meter manufacturers, and other organizations involved in water metering.

Water meter test benches typically consist of a test rig, a control unit, and a test bench software. The test rig is used to simulate water flow and pressure, while the control unit and software are used to control and monitor the test conditions and record the test results.

To use a water meter test bench, the meter to be tested is connected to the test rig, and water is circulated through the meter at a known flow rate and pressure. The meter's performance is then compared to a reference standard or calibration certificate to ensure that it meets the required accuracy standards.

Water meter test benches are important tools for ensuring accurate and reliable water metering, and are commonly used to verify new meters before they are installed, as well as to test and calibrate meters in the field. They are available in a variety of sizes and types to suit different applications and meter sizes.

When using a water meter test bench, it's important to ensure that the test conditions are accurately controlled and monitored, and that the test results are properly recorded and documented. It's also important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and any relevant standards or regulations when using the test bench.
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